RIFFRAFF vows to give a portion of our proceeds back to the community through organizations who continually care for our neighbors needing food, clothing, and shelter. It is our goal to continue giving where we can while expanding our reach and offering the best super tiny extra small batch jam that we are able.

RIFFRAFF Jams & Jellies began in the autumn of 2020 with ten pounds of concord grapes as a weekend canning activity, we’ve been working diligently to grow this mutual aid project ever since. In addition to pop-ups, craft fairs, festivals, and holiday bazaars, we vended at our first full season market with Midtown Farmers Market in South Minneapolis during 2021. We are looking forward to everything 2022 has to bring! 


-Rita and Matt


RIFFRAFF comes with the connotation that it is a thing undesired. Maybe it is. Maybe it's a little bit of overlooked fruit that is going to waste, or maybe it's a person who deserves another chance.


We chose the name RIFFRAFF because it has an edge to it, it's the common every day stuff, and it always has potential. 

Rita Schleicher

Rita lives in Minneapolis, has many years experience in the food industry, and loves a good project. When she is not making STESB, you can find her lounging on the South Shore of Lake Superior.

Jam & Events
Art & Misc.

Matt is a Minneapolis native who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a photographer, illustrator, and bumbleberry enthusiast. Matt would like you to know that if you hate any of the color combos...he's colorblind.