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RIFFRAFF Jams & Jellies was founded in 2020 as an answer to restlessness and a lot of neighborhood concord grapes. We've been going strong ever since; having completed our second full year at the Midtown Farmers Market, countless holiday bazaars, festivals and pop-up events.  We are a give-back company, donating a portion of our profits to mutual aid organizations and movements for positive social change in the Twin Cities. 

It has been so much fun to see our jams, mostardas, pickled veggies and cocktail cranberries become a regular part of your lives! 

Keep an eye out for more Super Tiny Extra Small Batches in 2023. 

Thank you for your continued support

-Rita & Matt


Why RIFFRAFF? We chose this name because it encompasses our attitude towards perceived perfection and regulation. If we want to make any change, by living and leaving a legacy,  we need to shake up the rules and challenge the norms.

The word RIFFRAFF connotes something undesired or out of control, and we’re here to say that that's okay. It’s real, and holds a lot of potential. Lets cause good trouble. 


Rita Schleicher

Rita lives in Minneapolis, has many years experience in the food industry, and loves a good project. When she is not making STESB, you can find her lounging on the South Shore of Lake Superior.

Jam & Events
Art & Misc.

Matt is a Minneapolis native who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a photographer, illustrator, and bumbleberry enthusiast. Matt would like you to know that if you hate any of the color combos...he's colorblind. 


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