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Fancy Ferments is a collaboration
between RIFFRAFF Jams & Jellies
and $1000 Dave's. We're bringing
you Super Tiny Extra Small Batches
of pickled and fermented foods
that are fancy, but not too fancy!

$1000 Dave's Logo-01.png
You might know David from his day(ve)s herding the crew at Taco Cat, brewing Blueliner at Eastlake Craft Brewery, or just hanging out at the bar where he’s always surrounded by, like, too many people.
Catch him these days cooking up good food and bad puns at the Briar in NE.

Dave is a ferment fanatic and when he isn’t eating something stanky, he’s makin’ it! Bringing his expertise to the Fancy Ferments team at RIFFRAFF, expect to find small batches of old favorites and new experiences, from

sauerkraut to giardiniera and

fruit mostardas. 

He’s never felt

like a million bucks before,

but he feels like a thousand bucks

every day.

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